Tuesday, January 20, 2009


President Barack H. Obama. Damn, that feels good to type. Okay, the penguins and I are shutting up and going back into the Fortress of Penguitude again. Toodles.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Closed for business.

The penguins have decided that they no longer wish to impart their wisdom on the world of men and have retreated to their inner sanctum of arctic delights. Due to scheduling demands on my time, I find that e-mail and phone calls are easier means with which to update folks, hence the decommissioning of the blog.

Fare thee well. Those who need me know where to find me.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dog gone.

We had to put down P.J. (aka, The Tongue, Ramming Dog, Licking Lad, Asshole, Shut Up, and Slayer of Vacuums) today. There's not much else I feel like saying on the subject. I'm quite depressed about the entire thing.

Rest in peace, fuzzball. You may not have liked me much, but I'll not soon forget you. You were a brave little dog and set a rather amusing standard for the next pet in the Castle (whenever that is).

The penguins and I will all miss you.

Wanted for questioning.....

Friday, February 8, 2008

Preaching to the choir.

This comic is fairly spot on methinks.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More geek fun.

See Blue Harvest you must. *waves hand in silly Jedi gesture*.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ghosts of Christmas Past.

Like many children in 1982, I spent countless hours staring at the above images in the Sears wish book and still more hours begging for them as presents, nay, offerings at my spoiled altar of pre-adolescentdom. The scary part is seeing how much these silly things cost and knowing that my great-grandmother (Gram) bought me almost ALL of them (except for the Wild West, Monster, and Castle sets in scan #1). I mean, sure, I was only eight years old, but still damn I was a spoiled little brat. I can only hope that Heather and I can instill more of a sense of moderation in our kids.

I was SUCH a rotten little shit as a kid and I'm glad my parents set me straight. Heck, it only took them 33 years. Compared with the century it took to build the Great Wall of China, that seems like progress to me. Seeing these images tonight really brought back a flood of memories and reminded me of how much I miss my Gram. She’s been gone now for almost a decade and I still miss her so much.

Wow, that was quite the self-loathing and depressing stroll down memory Lane, wasn't it?!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Nothing in particular.

Le Bear is asleep, the baby is asleep in her swing, and the wife is working on the annual Christmas tree here at the castle. All is well and I am one tired guy.

This week I:

1. Worked, a lot.
2. Pinched a nerve in my neck.
3. Bought some classic PS2 games.
4. Ate too stinking much.
5. Cleaned the castle.
6. Started to prep the house for Jer's arrival.
7. When to a union rally (I'm not in a union, I find them silly, but one supports one's family).
8. Saw myself on TV.
9. Read some old Star Wars novels by Timothy Zahn.
10. Burned stuff in the fireplace.

A busy week indeed. May the Lord bless me with another great week at work and with my family.

it's just the way the operation made me